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False Gods Fall

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Fotografía de False Gods Fall

Info. Biográfica

FGF is a strategic combat game with immersive story and characters, assymetric mechanics and innovative 3D tile system as nothing you have seen before!

It will be for sale soon, please follow us to know more and keep updated!

This is personal and private project owned, developed and produced by Armando Armijo Castro who focused to create an innovative boardgame that can be used for o… Ver más

False Gods’ Fall is a truly innovative board game project that is pretended to be released during the second or third quarter of 2020.

This is a true Indie project made with hope, love and passion that needs your support onece is out on Kickstarter. The comments from players after playing the protoype have been outstanding! so expect the final product to be even better!

Please follow us to keep updated and I will highly appreciate if you help me to spread the word with your friends about this revolutionary project.

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